Creepz Genesis


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Each Genesis Creepz grants the holder 1 free 3D Creepz. The Creepz P2E ecosystem. Help the Overlord invade earth by strategically growing your army. Build your pot of $Loomi as you conquer earth and upgrade your inter-dimensional battalion… But watch out for shapeshifters, enemy lizard races and other challenges that will try to overthrow your empire. You must also hold 1 Invasion pass per Genesis Creepz. Both act as the two keys to claiming each 3D Creepz: Your NFTs may accumulate a utility token (“LOOMI�) when they are staked in the smart contract. LOOMI has no other functionality other than within the Creepz ecosystem, and it cannot be purchased from Creepz Developers. The Creepz Developers do not provide or intend to provide a secondary marketplace for LOOMI.
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