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DFX Finance is a decentralized foreign exchange protocol optimized for trading fiat-backed foreign stablecoins, (CADC, EURS, XSGD, etc.) using real-world FX prices. You can safely earn yield or use the DFX platform and contracts to provide true financial localization for the customers of your global business. A decentralized protocol where users can efficiently exchange stablecoins pegged to various foreign currencies isn’t only important, but necessary. DFX Finance is that protocol for the exchange of foreign stablecoins. DFX’s algorithm dynamically adjusts by using real world FX price feeds from ChainLink to ensure that you get the best rates. Working with stablecoin issuers in foreign countries and their local on-ramps will be necessary to onboard the masses into DeFi. DFX aims to create partnerships with stablecoin issuers around the world and help them bootstrap the usage of their tokens to the world. DFX Finance will bring foreign exchange of currencies on-chain and enable millions of users to get the best exchange rates possible. Contact us today or check the links below to get started. Official Website - https://dfx.finance/ Official dapp - https://app.dfx.finance/ DFX Docs - https://docs.dfx.finance/
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