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**NEW OPENSEA OFFICIAL PAGE HERE: NOTE: THIS IS THE LEGACY ETHER ORCS TOKEN PAGE -- WE ARE MIGRATING ALL ORCS TO A NEW CONTRACT PLEASE JOIN DISCORD IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE / GUIDANCE ON HOW TO MIGRATE. ALL ORCS WILL MIGRATE SEAMLESSLY. THIS WILL ENABLE NEW FUTURE UTILITY FOR YOUR ORCS!** EtherOrcs is a collection of 5050 Orcs ready to pillage the blockchain. With no IPFS or API, these Orcs are the very first role-playing game that takes place 100% on-chain. Spawn new Orcs, battle your Orc to level up, and pillage different loot pools to get new weapons and gear which upgrades your Orc metadata. This Horde of Orcs will stand the test of time and live on the blockchain for eternity.
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