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[WEBSITE]( | [TWITTER]( | [DISCORD]( **Secret Initiation Phase: Complete**

**Phase 1 initiation: Complete**

**Phase 2 begins:** 12/20/21

**Phase 3 begins:** 12/27/21

**Public Sale:** 1/3/22

**Art Reveal:** 1/7/22

We are the stern prescient, the unrepentant present who enter the secret and serpentine nests of KNOWLEDGE and pursue the tenets of the TRUTH. We are the knowing unknown. We are those who REMAIN. After centuries of ritual, calculation, sacrifice, and research, we present to you few: The Illuminati Non-Fungible Token—the COUNTERSIGN for a secret society on the blockchain. These 8128 generative TOKENS, crafted in chaos, fire, and MAGIK, will be delivered only to the DEVOUT at an undisclosed time. If you wish to see the TRUTH, if you wish to take your place in the CIRCLE, you must be brave enough to look.
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